Writing Clever Plot Twists: Ways to Surprise Readers

Plot twists, the number one factor that keeps readers engaged in a story. If you wish to get a grip of your target readers’ interest, focusing on making clever plot twists will do the work. If it’s your first writing fiction and you don’t know where to start, this blog is ideal for you.

An important goal that every author should work on is to never have a predictable plot. Readers love big surprises—it serves as their reward. Plot twists make it possible. However, writing mind-blowing plot twists will never be easy. You have taken careful measures to perfect it. To help you out, here are some of the ways you can develop clever plot twists for your story and give readers the surprise they crave:

Learn From Other Authors

You need to make sure that you are learning from the best. Knowing the ropes on how you can write successful plot twists will only be achieved if you are open to learning from experts. Checking out books that can aid you to learn how you can do it. It would be a great idea to read books across genres. Books with amazing plot twists like Bonita by Carl R. Brush and is something that you can check out. It has gained a lot of praise from readers for its well-written plot. You Can’t Keep Her: Sequel to Bonita by Carl R. Brush is also already available. Make sure to check it out and learn some techniques of writing clever plot twists.

Subtly Mislead Your Readers

This technique can be so handy for authors, especially fiction authors. Your goal is to make your readers believe in something that will later change. This way you are giving the readers more excitement to finish the story. These subtle details that mislead your readers will be the factors to make them feel surprised.

Reveal Plot Twist Near the Ending

Your readers are wise, and they like to predict endings or how the story ends. Most of them will never like the feeling that their prediction is right since nothing will give them the element of surprise anymore. That is why, if your main plot twist will be revealed at the near end of your story, you can build it up even more. That plot twist that you have in your mind will be more creative over time. Give your readers the biggest shock of the narrative with a completely unexpected happening. However, you can always foreshadow this without it being predictable. You can give a glimpse of it in the very first part of the book. The most important part of the process is to make it seamless and low-key. The reader’s investment in your story will all be worth it with creative plot twists.

Create a Seamless Flow

As previously mentioned, the information that you give out to your readers should be seamless. And, as much as possible, you don’t want to bombard your readers with too much information. Or else, your surprises will all be worthless, or worse, you will run out of ideas. Leaving your readers wondering is a great way to impact readers. This will make your book worth sharing. Tickle your readers by holding back some important information. Give your readers a sense of satisfaction but never forget to give them a big one once you’ve reached the end.

Overshadow the Main Plot Twist

Never be afraid to overshadow your story. If you are afraid that you might reveal some detail that leads readers to know the ending, then don’t. Foreshadowing does not mean that you have to give up some information, it only means that you are teasing the readers. Think of how you can foreshadow your story before everything else. Structure your story before the actual writing process.

Your plot twists are as important as any other element in your storyline. It is the most effective element that can successfully leave your readers astonished, if not, it will be something that can make them remember your book and you as an author. Hopefully, you’ve acquired some helpful strategies from this blog. Good luck on your writing journey and may you successfully write a book that can capture your readers.