51B9BujikbL._SL160_Stronghold is an important book, and Guido Rahr is the most important man you’ve probably never heard of. It’s not only about the salmon, it’s about economics, ADD, Russian-American relations, and life on the fishing rivers of the world. The salmon is an amazing fish, living its cycle from fresh-to salt-water and back again. It’s what’s called a keystone species, one that keeps an entire ecosystem going. The “stronghold” the title refers to, when it comes into being, will be a game preserve designed to harbor wild salmon so they can continue their environmental do-gooding. Most of the wild salmon are gone now. Nothing on our east coast. A thriving, if reduced presence remains on the West Coast, with a school of fish that crosses from the wild rivers of Kamchatka to Alaska and back annually. You want to know the details. You really do. Read Tucker Malarkey’s lively prose and discover all, including some simple things you can do to help. And once you’ve finished the book, go to the Wild Salmon Center web page: to keep posted on the progress of current efforts.


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